Orderly - Reminders, Tasks & To Do Lists

Orderly is a nice and incredibly easy to use todo list app designed exclusively for iOS 8.

Featuring a breath-taking interface, seamless cloud sync, Orderly comes with "Location Based Reminders", so that the users never miss a todo task at a particular location and displays the to-dos using the APPLE's bookshelf metaphor, so that you get a glimpse of your todo lists without having to open them individually.

It interacts with users in a way that is natural for humans to deal with to-do lists ! Featuring a breath-taking interface, Orderly displays your to-dos using the APPLE's bookshelf metaphor, so you can get a glimpse of your to-dos without having to open them individually. It allows you to prioritize your to-dos, without the hassle of misplacing a note or forgetting an item, just because there are too many to-dos to manage.

Key Features

  • Gesture driven ease of use..
  • Location based reminders, alerts you of a to-do at a particular location.
  • Auto prioritizing of to-dos.
  • Recurring to-dos.
  • Cloud sync across devices


  • Great usability using simple iPhone gestures
  • Location based Alerts, reminds you of the to do or task at the place you are in !
  • Sync across multiple devices with DropBox sync
  • Supports two boards or views. A Home view and a Work view.
  • Complete todos with simple gestures.
  • Undo a completed item.
  • Automatically prioritizes your todo based on the time and day.
  • Search through Archives of completed todo lists.
  • Store in archive for any number of days.
  • Optional manual prioritization.


  • Pinch to zoom out.
  • Swipe right to mark todo tasks as completed.
  • Swipe right again to undo a completed task.
  • Swipe left to delete todo task.
  • Long press to delete or drag and drop to move a todo list to a different priority.
  • Drag and Drop on the "New" icon to create a copy.
  • Drag and drop on the "Flip" icon to move it to other view.

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